Diverticulosis / Diverticulitis

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What is Diverticulosis/ Diverticulitis?

Diverticulosis is a condition in which there are pouches that develop in the wall of the bowel (diverticulum) that occur more commonly in the large intestine (colon). This occurs when high pressure inside the large intestine from the transport of waste material pushes against weak spots in the colon wall. It was thought that diverticulosis comes from a chronically low-fiber diet, which causes a more liquid stool, resulting in higher pressure in the intestines. However, the studies are conflicting and the role of a low fiber diet are unclear. Unless there is a complication from diveticulosis, patients do not experience symptoms from this condition. If there is inflammation or infection of the diverticulum, the condition is then called diverticulitis.

The Diet

No diet has been shown to be beneficial to prevent diverticulosis nor to prevent the occurrence of diverticulitis. During the time one has diverticulitis one may have to restrict the diet to a low fiber diet. However, if you know that eating a certain food always causes you to have pain or inflammation, then avoid that food. In general, follow a regular healthy diet. You will only need to restrict foods high in fiber if you have diverticulitis and narrowing of the bowel opening.


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