Become a Food Label PRO

Are you really eating what you think you are?

Read Food Labels

Taking the time to read food labels, which are the areas on packaged foods where the nutritional and caloric content of the food is displayed, is extremely important to the success of your health.  Why?  Because you will learn:

  1. If the food contains adequate amounts of the nutrients that are on your diet;
  2. If the food contains ingredients that you have been told to include or avoid;
  3. What a serving size of that particular food product is;
  4. Whether or not that product is lower or higher in nutritional value than another, similar product;
  5. If the product actually contains the ingredients and/or nutrients that the product advertised it contains.

When shopping at the food market (or, these days, while on the internet), take the time to compare several comparable products within a food category that you want to purchase, such as bread or shredded cheese.  This way you will learn:

  1. Which of the products has the best nutritional value for your individual medical condition, and;
  2. Which product is the best nutritional value per dollar.

For example, you may feel that spending a bit more for a particular food product provides you with a significant nutritional boost verses buying the less expensive product.  And vice versa, you may learn that you do not get enough nutritional benefit from the more expensive brand to warrant the extra cost.  YOU decide!