Airlines Accessibility, Disability, and Special Assistance Desk Policies and Telephone Numbers

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If you are required to follow a Special Diet because of a chronic medical condition or a food allergy and require assistance with your on-flight meal or snack or avoiding a contact allergen, the airlines below maintain special departments with department telephone numbers to call for assistance with your individual needs.

  1. United Airlines: 800-228-2744
  2. American Airlines: 800-237-7976
  3. Air Canada: 800-667-4732
  4. U. S. Airways: 800-428-4322
  5. Lufthansa Airlines: 516-296-9580 from the United States or 49 69 696 55 079 from Europe

For Special Dietary requests if you are traveling on other airlines, call their general Customer Service (reservations) telephone numbers for assistance. For an excellent article that describes airlines’ policies for passengers with disabilities, read:

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