Foodicine Health, Inc. was created by Harriet Diamond. Harriet is an accomplished scientist with a graduate degree in Biological Oceanography who initiated and had oversight over the scientific studies in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay and was instrumental in the historic political and decision-making processes regarding the cleanup of Boston Harbor. She then transitioned into private business, managing large real estate development projects, then establishing her own consulting firm, and, finally as an entrepreneur, successfully launching and building a new product manufacturing and service business, Eyeglass Rescue, which Newsweek Magazine reported as a “Must Buy”. Harriet is also involved with commercial and residential real estate sales.

Along the way, Harriet was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an illness that is very sensitive to diet. This changed her life. Realizing first-hand the lack of information and support for people with ailments requiring special diets, Harriet developed a passion for helping the millions of people who could  benefit from better education and care.